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The sweetest dreams

Speaking of antlers, this is one happy puppy. I hid a deer antler in Toki’s toy box, and a few hours later I found her like this, and antler debris strewn everywhere.    

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The discovery of the Buckminsterfullerene molecule was a great leap forward in man’s understanding of carbon structures.  It resulted in a Nobel Prize for its discoverers, and contributed to new applications in materials science, electronics, and nano-technology.  Not to be outdone, the … Continue reading

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Toki meets her feathered friend

DUCK . . .  DUCK . . .  GOOSE!!! Have a great weekend!

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Dura Doggie: The toy that lets you “chews your cause”

We promised that we’d tell you about some of the more interesting products we came across at the recent Pet Expo in Orange County. One of the coolest lines of toys that we were introduced to at the expo were Dura … Continue reading

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Smarty Pants

Toki is exhausted from a long week of work . . . . . . Happy Friday everyone!

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More Toys for Milo

(Special thanks to our guest blogger ThePiha for this photo of Milo, at Intelligentsia) People love a good deal just as much as dogs love a new toy. If you like Groupon, LivingSocial, or the many social buying programs that … Continue reading

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Toki / bug

We had a second, belated Christmas, due to our Antarctica travels. (Thanks Ed and Kathy!)  Toki was of course very curious when we unwrapped this guy. For your amusement: Happy Friday!

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