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Your Traveling Dog: Enter to win the AAA PetBook Photo Contest!

Calling all travel hounds! The American Automobile Association (AAA) is holding a contest for the best travel-themed pet photos.  Winners will be featured on the front and back covers of the AAA Pet Book. According to AAA: The AAA PetBook® … Continue reading

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Trail with a view: The Zuma Loop

This weekend, Toki, Josh and I ran one of our favorite trails.  We call it the “Zuma Loop,”but it’s actually a combination of the Zuma Loop Trail, the Ocean View Trail, and the Canyon Trail.  The trail is located in … Continue reading

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A Bike for Every Dog

While Toki was hanging with her L.A. pals last weekend, Josh and I visited the bike-friendly city of Portland, Oregon for a friend’s wedding.  Compared to Venice Beach, the city was sparkling clean.  Perhaps it’s all that rain?  Just as … Continue reading

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Night Owl

Toki is a country dog living a city dog’s life.  She’d like nothing better in the evenings than to sit on a porch and watch fireflies. So every once in a while, I let her out into our communal courtyard, … Continue reading

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Beware the Poodle-Dog!

If you’re heading out to the wilderness this weekend, beware the poodle-dog! No, not this poodle-dog . . . (Photo courtesy of Sarah Arnott at bySarah.com) THIS poodle-dog! The Poodle-dog bush that is. (Photo by Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times / July 24, 2011) This lavender-colored … Continue reading

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The 33% Rule

This weekend, upon the recommendation of new friends we met at a birthday party, I convinced Josh to try out a new hike called the Fryman Canyon rainforest trail.  The lure of shade (difficult to come by in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Calling all Mountain Dogs: Rock/Creek “Dog Days of Summer” Contest

Toki always struck me as more of an “extreme adventure type” rather than a typical urban pooch.  She prefers getting her paws dirty, and is always up for some good old-fashioned rock scrambling.  So it was with much excitement that … Continue reading

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