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That competitive spirit

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats . . . get your keyboards and cameras ready.  It’s contest time! Okay, I’m not talking about a contest on The Daily Toki (although I have a feeling something interesting is in the works). … Continue reading

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Let’s Skijor! Ruffwear’s Omnijore System

In anticipation of winter fun, I ordered the new Ruffwear Omnijore System – a dog harness/towline system for all kinds of dog-pulling activities like skijoring, “skatejoring” and canicross!  The Omnijore system is brand new to the Ruffwear line.  And it … Continue reading

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Don’t Laugh: Doggles Review

The first time I saw Toki in her Doggles, I couldn’t help but giggle.  She looked way too cool for school. Doggles are protective eyewear for dogs, sort of like sunglasses and goggles in one.  The lenses are shatterproof, anti-fogging, … Continue reading

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Just the two of us

Looking forward to another weekend with Toki. (And I technically should have said, “just the three of us”, because Josh was taking the picture . . . Thanks Josh!) Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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Animals at the Pole

Over New Year’s, I traveled to Antarctica.  Before I left, I spent a lot of time reading accounts of Arctic and Antarctic exploration.  Many expeditions in search of both poles included dogs and ponies on their expedition teams.  In the … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Snow

The Daily Toki will be back on schedule next week!

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Merry Christmas from TheDailyToki!

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Snow Dog

We went snowshoeing on our recent Thanksgiving trip to Oregon. I think Toki found her natural element.

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