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Rorschach Snail

We spotted this cute snail, poised on the edge of our lemon tree planter, as we were heading out for a hike with Toki.  Josh and I each came up with captions, and they couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed: … Continue reading

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A little bird told me . . .

This weekend, I finally learned about . . . Twitter!  Yes, Twitter! Despite writing two blogs, managing three Facebook pages, posting occasional youtube videos and updating my Flickr account with a steady stream of photos, I had always avoided the … Continue reading

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Will you be my blogger buddy?

It turns out that one of the unexpected pleasures of blogging is making new friends.  As nice as it is to send out daily updates into cyberspace, it’s even more amazing and gratifying to get a response back from the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Chewies

It’s hard to find something for Toki to chew on that’s safe, wholesome, won’t destroy the carpet, and that will keep her occupied for more than 2 minutes.  These chewies are sometimes the only difference between a contented angel and … Continue reading

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Platypus Egg Babies: Dog Toy Review

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas gift for your favorite dog, consider a Kyjen egg baby. I love finding new puzzle toys for Toki (I reviewed another puzzle toy in a previous post about Nina Ottoson.)  At only 11 … Continue reading

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Nina Ottoson Puzzle Time!

When Toki is particularly hyper, restless, or just plain bored, I like to bring out her dog puzzle toys, by Nina Ottoson.  Toki loves the challenge, and seems more relaxed and happy after completing her “job”, which is to find … Continue reading

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