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Calling all pet models!

I heard about a pet model contest through the blog grapevine, but it wasn’t until I heard it was for EO that I decided to post it on TheDailyToki.  EO makes organic personal care products like body wash and shampoos … Continue reading

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The hairy aftermath

When I brush Toki, the aftermath usually looks like this . . . A huge pile of hair and an exhausted dog. Note the wool toy, to keep Toki entertained while I’m brushing her hair, and the “Furminator” in the … Continue reading

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All Buttered Up

Toki has a penchant for rubbing against bike chains, rolling in pine sap, and sticking her nose in globs of tar when we’re not looking.  When you have a curious puppy with a snow white coat, dealing with minor cleaning … Continue reading

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The Furminator

One adjustment to having a new pup is learning to manage the flying storms of hair in the house.  Thank goodness for the Furminator!  It’s an ingenious brush that removes the undercoat of shedding fur while leaving the outer coat … Continue reading

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