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Toki meets her feathered friend

DUCK . . .  DUCK . . .  GOOSE!!! Have a great weekend!

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Let’s take a break

Let’s take a break from everything pet expo to catch up on our reading.  From the New York Times, a story on the increasing popularity of pet massages, plus some tips on how to massage your own pet.  Apparently, some … Continue reading

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Little Piggy

After my first day at America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange county, my head is spinning: dock-jumping dogs, miniature ponies (and you know how much I love my mini ponies!), interesting toys, handmade collars, all-natural treats, and novel new pet … Continue reading

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More Funnies, with Starbuck, Zuzu and Hampton Monroe @ PuppyJones.com

Last week I posted a list of some of my favorite blogs, and one of them was Puppy Jones, a clever and fun blog and comic website that perfectly captures the quirky moments of a life lived with dogs.  Puppy … Continue reading

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Comic Relief via Funny Dog Videos

The dog that can lower his bark volume on demand . . . And the bicycle riding dog! (Thanks to Shine Pet Photos and Life With Dogs for originally posting these.)

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The best thing about the camera phone . . .

. . . is that you’re always carrying it when you need it!  You never know when you’ll want to snap a picture. Happy Friday!

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Dog runs away with a sea lion . . .

I found a cute story circulating the internet last week:  An Australian Kelpie named “Westie” ran away to play with a local sea lion named Henry.  Westie and Henry were found an hour later, four kilometers from shore, still playing … Continue reading

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Toki / bug

We had a second, belated Christmas, due to our Antarctica travels. (Thanks Ed and Kathy!)  Toki was of course very curious when we unwrapped this guy. For your amusement: Happy Friday!

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Hey, who are you?

After her dog vacation, it’s natural that Toki noticed a few changes around the house.  She sniffed around each room, examined the box of pistachios that I received over Christmas, poked our suitcases with her nose, and generally made sure … Continue reading

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Repost: Keystone Kitten

Too cute not to repost!  Keep watching…

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