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No Dogs Allowed

My favorite local lunch place, Gjelina Take Away, recently instituted a no-dog policy.  Because the ordering area is open to the sidewalk, they used to be pretty easy-going about pups.  But now, Miss Toki has to wait at the doorway … Continue reading

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The indiscriminate chewer

Toki is a very dainty eater and chewer.  She doesn’t gobble her chews or eat toys, household items, and other foreign man-made objects.  But, when it comes to nature’s bounty, Toki transforms into a little chewing barbarian. She loves to demolish … Continue reading

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This is a visual reference of my week thus far.  Hope yours has been going a bit more smoothly! I’m working on a new project for The Daily Toki, and it’s been taking a lot longer than expected.  Stay tuned … Continue reading

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Nobody puts Baby in a Corner

(Except herself.) Have a great weekend!

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Those ears!

Here’s some mid-week cheer for you. Check out Harbor, the world’s record holding dog for longest “earspan”. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this photo.  He looks like he’s about to fly away! Harbor is a … Continue reading

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Why your greyhound will always outrun you, and other fun facts

Matt Beswick at Pet365 has been creating some fun infographics on dogs over the past few months, including this cute dog vs. human anatomy page.   I’ve always found that pairing visuals with words improves my learning (which makes sense, since … Continue reading

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The sweetest dreams

Speaking of antlers, this is one happy puppy. I hid a deer antler in Toki’s toy box, and a few hours later I found her like this, and antler debris strewn everywhere.    

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Pottermania has hit the Daily Toki! Toki is a big Harry Potter fan, so she begged me to dress her up just like Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Eventually, she slipped into something more comfortable – … Continue reading

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Rorschach Snail

We spotted this cute snail, poised on the edge of our lemon tree planter, as we were heading out for a hike with Toki.  Josh and I each came up with captions, and they couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed: … Continue reading

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We’ve got some competition . . .

Norman, the scooter riding Briard has taken doggy transport up a notch.  He’s pretty impressive . . . Norman has his own Facebook site, of course.  He lives in Georgia, but apparently he’s looking for work in Hollywood.  (Norm – … Continue reading

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