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No Dogs Allowed

My favorite local lunch place, Gjelina Take Away, recently instituted a no-dog policy.  Because the ordering area is open to the sidewalk, they used to be pretty easy-going about pups.  But now, Miss Toki has to wait at the doorway … Continue reading

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When sharing isn’t caring

Last weekend, Clarence the Cat’s “person” (you remember Clarence and his fan mail, don’t you?) sent me a helpful article about all the foods our doggy friends should NOT be eating. The San Francisco Chronicle article listed a few items … Continue reading

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De-stressing with Peanut Butter

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to bake or cook while watching a favorite TV show (preferably something in the mindless reality-show genre).  So tonight was a perfect opportunity for me to try Yuki the Dog Blog’s Peanut … Continue reading

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Look who I found in Zenbunni! A little, shaggy black puppy lying on his own shaggy sheepskin rug. He was just a little guy, recently adopted (yeah!) and he reminded me a little bit of Toki’s friend Dobby. Zenbunni, if … Continue reading

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Mine, all mine!

TheDailyToki loves her treats! Thanks to a reader for sending in this article a on the trend of home made food for dogs and cats.  Organic turkey, parsley, cabbage, carrots.  Mmmm, I want some! A quote from the article: “There … Continue reading

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Himalayan Cheese Stick

One of our favorite treats for Toki are the Himalayan Dog Chews.  They’re made from a yak milk cheese that’s dried for weeks in the sun.  It’s an all-natural chew, free of chemicals and preservatives. Toki goes wild for the … Continue reading

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Rabbit Food

Carrots are a great alternative to regular dog chews.  I’m not sure if she ever actually eats the carrots, but she loves to crunch down on them, and they’re easy to clean up. What unusual treats does your dog like … Continue reading

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