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That competitive spirit

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats . . . get your keyboards and cameras ready.  It’s contest time! Okay, I’m not talking about a contest on The Daily Toki (although I have a feeling something interesting is in the works). … Continue reading

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Why your greyhound will always outrun you, and other fun facts

Matt Beswick at Pet365 has been creating some fun infographics on dogs over the past few months, including this cute dog vs. human anatomy page.   I’ve always found that pairing visuals with words improves my learning (which makes sense, since … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Anniversary!

The Daily Toki is all grown up! We’re officially one year (and one day) old.  Our very first entry was posted as an experiment, just to see how WordPress worked.  One year later, The Daily Toki has logged: 241 Posts … Continue reading

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Where are all the grownups?

Toki licked my elbow twice (instead of her usual once) this morning.  I think it was code for, “you overslept”. Yesterday, on our walk, Toki and I met the most adorable Jindo-mix puppy.  He was a little bit of a … Continue reading

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P.S. The 2011 Petties Nominations!

I just noticed that the 2011 Petties nominations will close tomorrow!  The Petties are a little bit like the Academy Awards of Pet Blogs . . . Toki’s a little shy about this, but well, um, she was hoping you might … Continue reading

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De-stressing with Peanut Butter

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to bake or cook while watching a favorite TV show (preferably something in the mindless reality-show genre).  So tonight was a perfect opportunity for me to try Yuki the Dog Blog’s Peanut … Continue reading

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Dedicated to my Blogger Buddies: Happy Bark Days and Kame & Kroten

I met some new friends on my recent trip to Kentucky and Ohio. . . And our acquaintance was not entirely satisfactory. There was the toad on the road that completely snubbed me. And the turtle who refused to receive my … Continue reading

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