Happy Pawlidays!

Dear readers, thanks for sticking with me during the recent drought of posts and updates.   I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better . . . just in time for the holidays!  (Yeah!) I’m planning on getting back to our regular schedule in the New Year.

A full update on the happenings of the last month or so is forthcoming, but for now, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Pawliday Season (and a very Merry Christmas).

It turns out, even Venice Beach residents can enjoy a little holiday sledding . . .

Not to mention, a dog carnival and parade!

Plus, we’ve got the puppy presents covered with cute selections from our local store, The Modern Dog.  (Hand knit Puppy Scarves anyone?)

PS – Toki missed you!  She wanted me to tell you that it’s just not the same without her blog buddies.

Wishing you the very best, and looking forward to a new year of blogging!

XOXO, The Daily Toki

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Sick as a Dog . . .

Dear Daily Toki readers:

I’ve been sick!  (I only wish I was as sick as a dog, because Toki is perfectly fine.)

I haven’t been up to posting, or doing much of anything this past week, and it might be a few weeks before I’m back on my feet.  So until then, I hope you’ll bear with me, maybe check out some of our old archives to pass the time, and send me some updates on my Facebook page to cheer me up! 🙂

Missing our daily correspondence,

Christine (a/k/a The Daily Toki)

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No Dogs Allowed

My favorite local lunch place, Gjelina Take Away, recently instituted a no-dog policy.  Because the ordering area is open to the sidewalk, they used to be pretty easy-going about pups.  But now, Miss Toki has to wait at the doorway while I go inside to order and pay.

Unfortunately, she’s not small enough to sneak in my handbag . . .

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That competitive spirit

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats . . . get your keyboards and cameras ready.  It’s contest time!

Okay, I’m not talking about a contest on The Daily Toki (although I have a feeling something interesting is in the works).  I’m talking about several giveaways and contests that I’ve come across in the dog blogosphere.

For instance, one of my favorite blogs, City Dog/Country Dog, is holding a giveaway contest for a new Ruffwear Dog Coat (the K9 Overcoat or the quilted Quinzee).  Entries are due by November 24.  The City Dog/Country Dog post also includes a full review of the coat and great pictures of dapper Theo, so head over there and check it out!  (We love the Quinzee puffy in red!!)

You should also mark your calendar for entering the American Automobile Association (AAA) Pet Book photo contest.  Your pup could be featured on the cover of the AAA Pet Book, a resource for traveling with your pet.  The deadline is November 30.  Details are available on the contest website!

Finally, don’t forget the Tiny Prints Cutest Pet contest.  Entries are due by November 15.  This contest involves “community voting” though, which requires some effort at vote gathering.  I’m not the biggest fan of popularity contests, but at the very least you can check out some of the cute pet entries.

Good Luck!!!

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The indiscriminate chewer

Toki is a very dainty eater and chewer.  She doesn’t gobble her chews or eat toys, household items, and other foreign man-made objects.  But, when it comes to nature’s bounty, Toki transforms into a little chewing barbarian.

She loves to demolish small bushes, crunch pine cones, and demolish the fallen palm leaves that fall onto our Venice Beach sidewalks.

If you need proof – here’s Toki in 8 mm (from a previous post about some fun iPhone apps).

Apparently, Toki also loves to eat bamboo Tiki huts.

While we were out of town a few weeks back, Toki stayed with her dog sitter, who has a Tiki hut that Toki found particularly irresistible.  When we picked her up after her trip, we noticed that Toki would occasionally make a funny sound with her mouth–almost like she had peanut butter in her mouth.  We thought maybe she had something stuck in her teeth, but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.  It was only the next morning, when we pried open Toki’s mouth, that we spotted a piece of bamboo stuck in the roof of her mouth!!  Poor Toki.

We ended up taking her to the vet, who had to give her a sedative before they could remove the bamboo stick.

I’d heard about bones getting stuck in the roof of dogs’ mouths, but hadn’t been too concerned about the prospect because Toki is usually a very dainty chewer.  I guess I didn’t take into account her interest in Tiki huts.

Lesson learned!

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Monday Meow

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Pawliday Cards by Moo.com

It’s rainy outside.  And in Southern California, that puts me in the Holiday spirit!  (Rain is kind of like our equivalent of a snow shower. . .)

 Luckily I just ordered my Daily Toki Holiday cards from Moo.com!

They arrived last week in this cute package: one set of Holiday cards with silver metallic envelopes.

From past posts, you might know what a Moo.com fan I am.  I’ve used them to make business cards, mini-cards, and even stickers.  So when they ran a sale on Holiday cards, I decided to try them out.

My verdict?  The cards have the usual Moo-style, high quality, satiny finish that I love so much.  But a high price point and limited customizability bring the rating down to 4 stars out of 5.

Here’s a summary of the cons:

– not a lot of customization, including font and ink color . . . Moo needs to work on that! (Note: this is less of an issue if you want a straightforward design, or you are able to use Photoshop or other programs to add your own text to your cover image.)

– metallic envelopes felt flimsy (maybe try the recycled brown envelopes)

– I noticed some smudging on the back side of some of my cards, near the fold (Moo generally has great customer service, so they would probably remedy this if I asked)

The pros?  They are many . . .

+ high quality, lovely paper and print quality

+ ability to put a different photo on each card

+ cute packaging that protects the product during delivery, so it arrives in pristine condition

+ clean, professional looking folds

+ uncoated paper inside, for easier writing

+ option to add a fun photo and short message on the back of the card (see below)

Overall, I’m excited about the cards – they turned out great!  But I’m curious if any of you have a favorite customized card printer that you like?

For more information on Moo products, including business cards (my favorite!), postcards, and stickers (currently on sale), go to Moo.com

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