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The indiscriminate chewer

Toki is a very dainty eater and chewer.  She doesn’t gobble her chews or eat toys, household items, and other foreign man-made objects.  But, when it comes to nature’s bounty, Toki transforms into a little chewing barbarian. She loves to demolish … Continue reading

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TV Dinner

In a past post, I talked about how Toki loves to sit at a certain window of our house and watch the activity below.  We jokingly call that her “Dog TV”.  She especially likes to watch “cartoons” on weekend mornings … Continue reading

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Ready for Carmaggedon!

Do not get in your cars this weekend. I repeat, do not get in your cars this weekend! Milo, that means you! Carmaggedon is coming, but I guess that just means more walks for Toki.  Or no traffic near the … Continue reading

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We’ve got some competition . . .

Norman, the scooter riding Briard has taken doggy transport up a notch.  He’s pretty impressive . . . Norman has his own Facebook site, of course.  He lives in Georgia, but apparently he’s looking for work in Hollywood.  (Norm – … Continue reading

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Skateboards on my mind: GoPetBoards

I’ve got skateboards on my mind… For the little dog in your life, the GoPetBoard is an ingenious solution to taking your dog with you on bike rides around town.  On busy streets and the crowded Venice boardwalk, I would … Continue reading

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Skateboarding Pup?

Meet my new project: The Skateboarding Pup! I watched a video by animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, and I was intrigued by the idea of Toki learning to ride a skateboard. Ok, I know that’s ambitious, considering that I don’t … Continue reading

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Comic Relief via Funny Dog Videos

The dog that can lower his bark volume on demand . . . And the bicycle riding dog! (Thanks to Shine Pet Photos and Life With Dogs for originally posting these.)

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Everything looks better in 8mm (Or, two iphone apps for any self-respecting dog blog)

I recently discovered a new iphone app called 8mm.  (Yes, I realize that Gizmodo profiled this app way back in December . . . . )  I gave it a whirl last weekend: Cute, and very old timey! You can … Continue reading

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Dog genius in action!

Remember when I mentioned Chaser, the border collie that knows over a thousand nouns?  In this interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of Nova Science Now, we can catch Chaser in action.  It’s extremely impressive, but also so cute!! Last … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to watch Puppy Bowl VII!

My title Toki is looking forward to tomorrow . . . the action, the excitement, the spectacular tackles, the snacks and of course, the half time shows. It’s Puppy Bowl Sunday!

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