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Rorschach Snail

We spotted this cute snail, poised on the edge of our lemon tree planter, as we were heading out for a hike with Toki.  Josh and I each came up with captions, and they couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed: … Continue reading

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Toki is a . . .

For the longest time, we’ve been wondering what Toki was.  In a previous post, I asked what you thought.  Poll results showed a pretty good consensus that Toki was part Shepherd, but what else was she? We found a DNA … Continue reading

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Rabbit Food

Carrots are a great alternative to regular dog chews.  I’m not sure if she ever actually eats the carrots, but she loves to crunch down on them, and they’re easy to clean up. What unusual treats does your dog like … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

We’re always asked – what is she?  Since she’s a stray, nobody knows. Here, Toki wonders whether she belongs with these cool kids. (Thanks to Michelle for the daily pic!) Everyone has an opinion about Toki’s origins…

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