The Story

This blog documents the adventures and misadventures of Santoki, our whip-smart, playful and bold little pup.  Before finding us on petfinder, Toki wandered the streets of east Los Angeles.  Despite her unknown past, or maybe because of it, Toki bestows her waggy-tailed greetings on strangers and dogs alike.  A resident of Venice, California, Toki spends her weekdays strolling the boutiques of Abbot Kinney and her weekends jumping off big rocks in the Sierras.  Her favorite activities include visiting with doggie friends at her local coffee shop, jumping in the waves in Malibu, and taking long naps with her feet in the air.  This is her blog.

11 Responses to The Story

  1. scriptorobscura says:

    You have won an award! Stop by to pick it up 🙂


  2. Hi Christine and Toki. Thank you for finding us in the blogosphere despite our location on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. We’re always enthusiastic about meeting folks from afar. Lovely blog and even lovelier photos to match!

  3. Tony says:

    Very nice blog and I really like the pictures. Toki is very lucky to have found you. I met you at the PetEpo. I was in the Shikoku booth.

  4. totomameee says:

    Hi Christine?
    I have yet to have time to read through your blog but all the pictures on your blogs look so PRETTY! And TOto loves big huge dogs!! Psst because he thinks he is as BIG as Toki! I don’t think I mention why I come back to Singapore in TOto’s blog because I try to keep it for TOto and TOto only.

    I usually come back twice a year to Singapore. Once for my medical checkup and 2nd time with my husband back to Singapore!! 30hours of flight and transit ~~~

    Thanks for visiting, I be browsing your blogs when I am back in USA, Tx next week! Too busy in Singapore eating, shopping and gossiping with my girlfriends!!! hahaha ~

  5. Toki cat says:

    Hi! I saw the name of your blog on BlogPaws and I was like, Hey! My cat’s name is Toki too! and he was also named for the Korean word for rabbit. I know that song from when I was a child: “San-toki, toki-ya…”
    My Toki is an Abyssinian. He is super fast and has a springy jump like a rabbit.

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