Hawaii Dreaming

DSC_5951Finally getting around to editing some of my old photos, and found this dreamy guy in my files.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

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12 Responses to Hawaii Dreaming

  1. Sensational photograph!

  2. What an awesome pic! I love horses!

  3. Gorgeous picture! I’m a horse blogger turned dog blogger and found my way here through the WW Blog Hop. Looking forward to delving further into your blog!

  4. Love this pic. What a great capture of the equine. Perfect for the lunar new year

  5. rmudge says:

    Beautiful photo! Horses are such majestic animals. I’ve always loved horses.

  6. Bassa's Blog says:

    I love the colors in this beautiful photo. Almost sepia.

  7. Great photo. My first love was horses (although I never got one if my own) and I still have a very soft spot for them.

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