Happy Halloween, luv Toki, Yuki & Rocket!

Rocket and Yuki are two of Toki’s blogger friends.  For Halloween, you can call them Sir Rocket and Princess Yuki!

Yuki & Rocket are also the stars of their own blog (one of my favorite doggy-themed reads).  They shared photos of their costumes with The Daily Toki.  (Thanks Yuki and Rocket!)

Toki is especially happy about all of the delicious recipes that they post on their blog, since the recipes have inspired me to bake some of Toki’s favorite cookies (like these Peanut Butter yummies).  Yuki and Rocket’s mom, Melissa, has a knack for whipping up delectable treats and presenting them in mouthwatering photos.  She also has a few recipes for people too (like these adorable Schnauzer cupcakes)!

Check out the Yuki & Rocket blog for a costume photo spread, and while you’re there, check out Melissa’s latest Halloween-themed recipe for Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt for pups.

Happy Halloween!  Luv Toki, Yuki & Rocket.

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5 Responses to Happy Halloween, luv Toki, Yuki & Rocket!

  1. rachsmith says:

    love. it.
    absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Happee Halloween
    Benny & Lily

  3. ann says:

    my gosh, so cute!

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