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Camera’s for Change: Second Chance Photos

Love pets?  Love photography?  You’ll love Second Chance Photos. Yesterday, I profiled some of professional pet photographer Seth Casteel’s underwater dog shots.  Seth’s photos bring a fresh perspective and a knack for capturing those winning doggy (and kitty) smiles.  But … Continue reading

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Aqua Dog: Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dog Photography

In honor of the waning summer, I wanted to post some amazing underwater shots from professional pet photographer Seth Casteel.  He actually lives in Los Angeles, so it seems appropriate that he has a healthy collection of pool and beach … Continue reading

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Aiko on the Block

New puppy alert!  This weekend we met Aiko, a 7 month-old cutie pie, at Intelligentsia Coffee (the best place in Venice to meet local dogsters). Milo decided to take Aiko under his wing, as he does with all new puppies. … Continue reading

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A Bike for Every Dog

While Toki was hanging with her L.A. pals last weekend, Josh and I visited the bike-friendly city of Portland, Oregon for a friend’s wedding.  Compared to Venice Beach, the city was sparkling clean.  Perhaps it’s all that rain?  Just as … Continue reading

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Those ears!

Here’s some mid-week cheer for you. Check out Harbor, the world’s record holding dog for longest “earspan”. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this photo.  He looks like he’s about to fly away! Harbor is a … Continue reading

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In honor of Labor Day

Today, I’ve dedicated myself to the art of doing nothing . . . Doing nothing is a pretty big job. It takes total relaxation, which can be difficult to achieve. Especially when a certain someone insists on getting up close … Continue reading

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Happy Travels! I’m staying put.

Labor Day is coming up, and you know what that means . . . It’s the end of summer, time for school, and (somewhat more problematic) the last day for sporting white outfits. Luckily, Toki is not a traditionalist. Happy … Continue reading

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Mini Milo!

Milo is training his very own mini-me.  (Shhh, don’t tell Toki.  I think she might be jealous!)

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