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Friends Furrever

One of the best aspects about writing one’s own blog are the people I meet along the way.  I love profiling the interesting people and websites that I’ve encountered in my online explorations.  (I’ve collected a list of them in … Continue reading

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Crafts are fun, especially when you don’t have to do the work!  Luckily, Toki’s aunt Jenny isn’t as lazy as I am.  Check out one of my favorite “crafty” posts from way back in January. DIY: Custom Cookie Jar  (January … Continue reading

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Monday Procrastination

I promised you my favorite posts, but it was so hard to make a decision.  So this post from Monday, September 20, 2010, called “Yawn” seemed appropriate: Yawn It’s Monday . . . – – – – I guess I … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Anniversary!

The Daily Toki is all grown up! We’re officially one year (and one day) old.  Our very first entry was posted as an experiment, just to see how WordPress worked.  One year later, The Daily Toki has logged: 241 Posts … Continue reading

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When sharing isn’t caring

Last weekend, Clarence the Cat’s “person” (you remember Clarence and his fan mail, don’t you?) sent me a helpful article about all the foods our doggy friends should NOT be eating. The San Francisco Chronicle article listed a few items … Continue reading

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Of Dogs and Books

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved dogs and I’ve loved books.  So there is no better combination in my mind than a great book about dogs. One of my favorite blogs, City Dog, Country Dog, featured a guest … Continue reading

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The sweetest dreams

Speaking of antlers, this is one happy puppy. I hid a deer antler in Toki’s toy box, and a few hours later I found her like this, and antler debris strewn everywhere.    

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Night Owl

Toki is a country dog living a city dog’s life.  She’d like nothing better in the evenings than to sit on a porch and watch fireflies. So every once in a while, I let her out into our communal courtyard, … Continue reading

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Double Vision

Last Sunday, we were hanging out at home when Josh suddenly asked me, “Where’s Toki?” “Toki?  She’s in the garden.” (i.e. our tiny patio, with plants)  I popped my head around the door to check. Yes, Toki was there, but … Continue reading

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The discovery of the Buckminsterfullerene molecule was a great leap forward in man’s understanding of carbon structures.  It resulted in a Nobel Prize for its discoverers, and contributed to new applications in materials science, electronics, and nano-technology.  Not to be outdone, the … Continue reading

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