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New York dogs may have the rolling green lawns of Central Park, a booming squirrel and pigeon population, and a people and dog-watching scene that is second to none.  But, as detailed in a recent New York Times article, the city’s health department’s newest campaign is likely to cramp the style of some of Manhattan’s most social pack members.

Miles, a 9-year-old boxer-pug mix, looks into Ace Bar in the East Village. Miles has been a regular there for many years. (Photo: Christian Hansen for The New York Times.)

The New York Times reports:

Miles has been going to Ace Bar all his life.

His face has grayed there. Friends have come and gone. He never paid for a drink, but rarely walked out of the East Village bar with an empty stomach. He may have purged his dinner on the floor a time or two, his fellow bar patrons said, but who among them hadn’t done the same?

New York City’s health department is cracking down on pets in bars, despite a long tradition of dogs in neighborhood establishments.  Health department regulations categorize beer, wine, and spirits as food – so even establishments that only serve drinks are prohibited from providing hospitality to canine guests.  Even the outdoor seating areas are not exempt from the prohibition on animals.  As one bar owner stated in the article:

Bars are built around characters . . . Now it’s just people and their people problems.

And while we’re talking about Manhattan dogs, check out another New York Times article titled Panting Through the Co-op Interview.  Yikes!  And I thought training for the Canine Good Citizen Test was stressful. . . . At least our housing options didn’t depend on our results.  The article describes several tests, like the frustration, doorbell and elevator tests.  In the elevator test:

the dog is observed riding the elevator and responding to strangers getting on and off. A smile and a tail wag or two? Fine. Jumping up, extreme licking and nibbling of shoes? No go.

The article also described a training and testing session with Kirbi, a four-year old pug:

On frustration, Kirbi was not an extreme case; she waited patiently for a few minutes for a stuffed pink lion that she was particularly fond of (so much so that she eventually decapitated it) before jumping up on Ms. Payne, barking and running in circles. But her impatience when the red toy got stuck under the couch was a red flag: if that were to happen while an owner was out, a dog could end up barking at the couch for hours.

Would your dog pass a co-op board test?  I’m not so sure about our chances, especially if we took a co-op test during the hot months of summer.  Toki doesn’t bark, and she’d ace the frustration test, but boy, does she love nibbling on toes . . .

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3 Responses to New York News Feed

  1. yuki the dog says:

    oh that’s too bad about that new dog ordinance. when i lived in germany, i used love seeing how much dogs were welcomed everywhere including indoor restaurants, sitting on the floor by their owners, while their humans enjoyed their dinner.
    there’s no way yuki would pass any kind of temperment test, she’s been through so much training to help with her anti-social behavior, she has improved a great deal-but i don’t think she’ll ever be the type that can pass a co-op test.

    • furfilled says:

      I heard that Europe was much more liberal about access for dogs . . . I have this dream of taking Toki on the Queen Mary 2 on a transatlantic cruise, and then renting a car and taking her to the Alps and sitting in cafes in Paris. Haha. I’m sure she’d be just as happy to go on a road trip here in California, but I like the idea!

  2. Benny & Lily says:

    Good post. Love that Central Park
    Benny & Lily

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