She came, she chewed, she conquered

No, I’m not talking about Hurricane Irene.  I’m referring to a surprise visit by the newest puppy on the block – Miss Penny!

Shhh – don’t tell Toki, but while she was away at a playdate, an adorable little puppy wandered through our front door.

The Aussie pup immediately made herself at home – demonstrating her instinctive knowledge of the “sit” command when I waved Toki’s chew toy in front of her nose.

We hoped she would stay awhile – and she did seem to like the look of the place . . .

Unfortunately, our neighbor’s friend quickly came over to retrieve his newest family member.  On her way out, Penny didn’t want to give up Toki’s bone, or leave the big basket of Toki’s toys.  I think Penny thought they were hers.

What would Toki think?

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8 Responses to She came, she chewed, she conquered

  1. hillary says:

    awww! So cute!

  2. Ann says:

    Adorable! I’ll always have a soft spot for Aussies…

    Toki’s nose must have gone into overdrive when she came back home! 😀

  3. jen says:

    Her eyes! They look like they are contemplating every single possible thing happening in a single moment. That would wear me out.

    p.s. I’m passing along the My Seven Posts challenge to you:

  4. Benny & Lily says:

    what a cutie pie
    Benny & Lily

  5. She’s super cute. I bet Toki knew because of her stank all over the toys and bone 🙂

    • furfilled says:

      Strangely, Toki didn’t seem overly interested in any smells when she came home. I have a theory that she isn’t big into scents, although I know that every dog has an extremely sensitive nose. Maybe she’s just used to all the crazy smells I bring into the house after walking around town?

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