Reviews make the blog go round

All this week I’ve been featuring some of my favorite posts that you’ve probably never read.  I promised a book review of Follow My Lead this week as well, but in the interest of keeping the momentum of The Daily Toki greatest hits, I’m pushing the review–and the end of The Daily Toki book giveaway–to next week.  So as a reminder, you still have a few more days to comment on this post or on The Daily Toki Facebook wall, and tell us what is your fave dog book of all time in order to be entered into our book giveaway.

And speaking of reviews, that’s the topic of today’s favorite post.

Reviews!  I love em!  Here’s a review of a Nina Ottoson dog puzzle that I find particularly charming.  Probably it’s because Toki has such a furrowed brow and thoughtful expression in the pictures.  For the entire collection of Daily Toki reviews, just click on the “reviews” category on the right-hand side of the blog.  It’s hard to believe, but I’ve logged 48 of them.

Nina Ottoson Puzzle Time! (September 29, 2010) 

When Toki is particularly hyper, restless, or just plain bored, I like to bring out her dog puzzle toys, by Nina Ottoson.  Toki loves the challenge, and seems more relaxed and happy after completing her “job”, which is to find all of the delicious treats hidden in the puzzle.

Here, Toki plays with her DogBrick.

I use the opportunity to work on “sit” and “stay”.

She has to move the bricks around to find her treats.  Usually I just use her kibble.

You can see the wheels turning in her brain, as she figures out the concept of pushing the bricks with her nose.

Nina makes a variety of puzzles.  I wish I could collect them all!  Her puzzles are also good for cats, and even other animals like horses!

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5 Responses to Reviews make the blog go round

  1. Jennifer says:

    Maybe Toki should ask Santa for a new puzzle!

  2. Benny & Lily says:

    Good job! We love those puzzles
    Benny & Lily

  3. We’ve been ramping up our reviews. We only have 9 so far though.

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