Butter makes everything better

I’m all about the tips and tricks here at The Daily Toki.  And today, I’m revisiting one of my–and Toki’s–favorite tricks.  It’s described in this post from October 25, 2010, called All Buttered Up.  As a backstory, we learned all about butter after a disastrously dirty, sap-filled camping trip near Mammoth when Toki was just a puppy.  This is a picture of Toki after a day in the country.

What you can’t see among the dirt in this picture are the patches of sticky pine sap stuck in Toki’s fur.  We were panicked about how we were going to clean this girl up.  Until we discovered . . . Butter.

All Buttered Up (October 25, 2010)

Toki has a penchant for rubbing against bike chains, rolling in pine sap, and sticking her nose in globs of tar when we’re not looking.  When you have a curious puppy with a snow white coat, dealing with minor cleaning emergencies comes with the territory.  But we have a secret weapon in this fight:  Butter.

The aspiring bike mechanic

During one weekend of climbing and hiking near Mammoth Lakes, Toki came home covered in patches of pine sap.  With the dirt ground into the sticky mess, she resembled a spotted Dalmation more than anything else.  We called the local groomers and were informed that yes, they could clean her, but their official policy was to cut away any hair that was covered in pine sap.  We realized at that point that we were on our own.

After some internet research and trial and error, we found that butter broke down the pine sap and left her coat soft and smelling fragrantly of . . . butter.  I spent an hour, kneeling in the tub, giving Toki a butter bath.  Toki spent the hour licking.  She never enjoyed her bathtime more.

Toki enjoying a spot butter treatment.

If your dog gets into sap, tar, or other sticky stuff, try butter, peanut butter, or olive oil.  Experiment, and don’t worry about your pup.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

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2 Responses to Butter makes everything better

  1. When caught in a sticky situation, just use butter. We’ll be sure to remember that! Lol, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Toki getting a butter bath. Yes, I believe you wholeheartedly that Toki enjoyed every minute of that bath-time!

  2. Awesome. I have always heard of that but never knew if it worked. Suposedly it is good for getting gum out of hair too.

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