Pixels and Poodles

(photo courtesy of Steve Hughes, www.retinaphotography.co.uk)

In my search for poodle perfection (for last week’s post on the poodle-dog bush), I decided to check out a new photo sharing site that I’ve heard a lot about.  It’s called 500px.com. Populated by photographers and photography enthusiasts, 500px encourages users to post only the best of their work.  Whether it’s the smaller number of users, or something in the design of the website itself that encourages people to self-curate their work, the quality of the photographs posted by users on 500px.com is consistently high.

If you enter a search on the 500px site for “poodles”–or anything else for that matter–you’re going to get a lot fewer results than if you searched on Flickr.com.  But you won’t see any phone camera pics or random snapshots in that group.  You’re more likely to see photographic masterpieces . . . This makes it a great site to visit for creative inspiration and to discover some amazing photographers (start by checking out the “Editor’s Choice“).  It also makes it intimidating for new users to post their own work, as I soon discovered!

In figuring out what photos I wanted to post on my wall, I ended up choosing only one.  (You could say that I’m going with the wait and see approach.)  In fact, when I was browsing chat forum discussions about the site, I noticed a lot of people felt the same way.  I suppose that’s a good thing though, since it will preserve the high quality of the work posted on the website.

For a more detailed discussion and review of 500px features, you can check out this article in Shutterphoto.com.  Also, stop by the paws and claws photo gallery of photographer Steve Hughes.  He graciously consented to the use of the above poodle photo which I found on–yes, that’s right–500px.com.



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2 Responses to Pixels and Poodles

  1. Steve Hughes says:

    Short, sharp and to the point. Just how it should be. Thanks for the reference Christine.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Loved your penguin diorama photo. Those poodles look like caricatures of themselves!

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