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A little bird told me . . .

This weekend, I finally learned about . . . Twitter!  Yes, Twitter! Despite writing two blogs, managing three Facebook pages, posting occasional youtube videos and updating my Flickr account with a steady stream of photos, I had always avoided the … Continue reading

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Dropping in on CCI Puppy Raiser Kimi

Yesterday, Kimi–one of our readers and the winner of the paracord leash giveaway–sent me a sweet Thank You email and photo update of the leash with her three beautiful lab-golden crosses. The photos, as you can see, are adorable, so … Continue reading

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Scenes of Summer from the Venice Home & Garden Tour

In the news, I’ve been reading about the record heat wave across the country that’s pushing temperatures into the 90’s and above.  Meanwhile, here in Venice, it’s just starting to feel like summer. In solidarity to the rest of you … Continue reading

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72 Hours: Packing Your Pup’s Emergency Survival Pack

Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires . . . even volcanic eruptions!  It seems like we never know when we might have to grab our stuff and run. Like a good Californian, Toki recently put together a disaster preparedness kit.  It … Continue reading

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Dedicated to my Blogger Buddies: Happy Bark Days and Kame & Kroten

I met some new friends on my recent trip to Kentucky and Ohio. . . And our acquaintance was not entirely satisfactory. There was the toad on the road that completely snubbed me. And the turtle who refused to receive my … Continue reading

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Guess what I did on my spring break . . .

Hi readers and friends!  I’m back from my wordpress break, and feeling digitally refreshed! Over Memorial Day weekend, we went back to the family homestead, and I tromped around the woods with Twiggy.  Then Josh and I took a bourbon-tasting … Continue reading

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