Where are all the grownups?

Toki licked my elbow twice (instead of her usual once) this morning.  I think it was code for, “you overslept”.

Yesterday, on our walk, Toki and I met the most adorable Jindo-mix puppy.  He was a little bit of a Toki mini-me.  It got me thinking about all of the cute puppies that we’ve met over the months, and I started wondering where have they have all gone?

It’s strange – but do you ever notice that you tend to meet a disproportionate amount of younger dogs on walks, at the dog park, and around town?  Partly, I think it’s because a lot of dogs go from simple to complicated (and stronger!) as they become adults.  I know this applies to Toki.

It brought to mind another thing I’ve noticed, and this time in the blogging world.  Most of my blog friends and I have been blogging for about a year or less.  We’re like puppies – enthusiastic and plentiful in the beginning.  The hard part is keeping it up, week after week . . .

Well, I’m rooting for all of us, that we make it through our blogging puppy stage!  And if there are any “dog walkers” (i.e. guest bloggers!) out there, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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7 Responses to Where are all the grownups?

  1. M.C. says:

    Heh. It helps that I started blogging when my dog was already five years old. Though I’ve been blogging for less than a year (coming up on the first anniversary!), I have years worth of pictures and skeletons in the closet that I can drag out in a pinch. 😉

    For me, what keeps me going is the commitment to a lifelong relationship. It’s not as much about my own dogs (though every day, they ARE at the center of my world). It’s also about living as “a dog person” and thus engaged with the community you inhabit.

    • furfilled says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. One thing I love about your blog is how diverse and interesting your content is. You’re right – it’s about being a dog person, not just your dogs. It makes for great reading. : )

  2. jen says:

    i’m in year two of blogging and have had to take two short hiatuses when i thought i ran dry of things to talk about.

    we too seem to see younger dogs on our walks. there is one other family that we see often that looks just as crazy as we do with their three dogs and two of theirs are seniors 🙂 i love them.

    • furfilled says:

      Yes – I tried taking a winter and spring break, and I couldn’t wait to get back to blogging afterwards!

      As for the puppies – Toki and I still wonder where this really cute, wrinkly bloodhound disappeared to . . . Other than being adorably wrinkly, he also had the distinction of being the most slobbery dog Toki has ever had the good fortune to play with. Oh, but he was soooo cute.

  3. Blogging can be so rewarding when you finally realize people are interested and reading your blog, but then it can feel like a lot of pressure because now we know we have an audience. At the same time, I think it has improved our relationship with our dogs because we are always wanting to try new things knowing we can share it later. We would love to swap guest posts (if you’d like to do a “Tourist in your Own City” post) and you could let us know what you might be might be interested in having us post. We talk a lot about Chicago, big dogs in smaller condos without backyards, doing things in the city with dogs and having pit bulls.

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