P.S. The 2011 Petties Nominations!

I just noticed that the 2011 Petties nominations will close tomorrow!  The Petties are a little bit like the Academy Awards of Pet Blogs . . .

Toki’s a little shy about this, but well, um, she was hoping you might consider nominating her for one of the Pettie categories.

The nomination form is available here.  Nominations close tomorrow, so I think that might mean you have to vote by today!!

Also, I urge you to vote for some of your other favorite pet blogs . . . I’ve already nominated a few of my own!

Okay, back to foie gras dog biscuits.

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3 Responses to P.S. The 2011 Petties Nominations!

  1. Good luck in the nominations round! We’ve just submitted the form and now we’re eagerly waiting to cast our vote for Toki 😀

  2. Jennifer says:

    You’ve got my vote – done!

  3. furfilled says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! We’ll let you know if we made the nomination pool. : )

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