Paracord Leash Review and Daily Toki Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, at the Shikoku Ken booth at the Pet Expo, I met Tony Carino.  It turns out that as a hobby, he makes beautiful leashes out of a material called paracord.  Originally used by the military in parachute lines, this nylon material can withstand about 550 lbs of tension.  (Enough for even the biggest pup out there.)

Just as exciting, in my book, is that this material comes in a rainbow of pretty colors . . .

Tony very graciously emailed me after the show and offered to send me a sample leash to review.  Here is a closeup of his paracord leash.

Tony makes all of the leashes himself, by hand.  His craft grew out of an interest in working with his hands and a chance encounter with a website discussing how paracord was fashioned into rosaries and sent to soldiers in the field.  That led to research into more websites about knots and other uses of paracord.

The particular leash that Tony sent to me is 6 feet long, and consists of a doubled 4-plait round braid (8 strands in total are braided).  The leash includes a handle, and is thick enough that it feels substantial but not unwieldy in your hand.  The paracord material is smooth, but not overly slippery, which is nice.  Although the braided paracord can be just a little stiff, I imagine it softens over time.  And the workmanship on the leash is excellent!  My only request–driven solely by Toki’s size and strength–would be to potentially order a larger snap for the part of the leash that attaches to the collar.  As you can see from the picture, it’s a standard size, but we tend to wear through our leash snaps more quickly than most.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hard to request any changes, because Tony makes them to order.  He charges only $20, shipping included (to all 50 states), and can take color requests. (Although the color selection on this leash was quite nice, so you might want to leave the color selection up to him!)  If you’d like to order a leash, you can contact him directly at the email toecari “at”

As a disclaimer, and to satisfy FTC guidelines, I want to mention that I didn’t receive any compensation for our favorable review.  We love the leash, and want to spread the word about Tony’s great product.  It’s gorgeous, durable, handcrafted, and affordable!  As you can see, it’s a handsome product.

And to show our love to The Daily Toki readers out there, I’m going to offer the leash pictured here as a giveaway.*  (Our first!)  You can enter one of three ways:

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting me know what would be your top color choice (you can pick two colors) for a Carino Paracord Leash;
  2. Visit and leave a comment on our Daily Toki Facebook Wall; or 
  3. Leave a comment on any other Daily Toki post this week, between now and Sunday.  

You can enter multiple times, which will just increase your chances of winning, so do all three!  The giveaway ends on Sunday, at which point all the entries will be tallied up and a winner chosen at random.

Good Luck, and thank you to Tony for providing this beautiful leash!

*Sorry to my international blog friends, but the leash can only be shipped within the U.S. . . .   We still love you though!

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27 Responses to Paracord Leash Review and Daily Toki Giveaway!

  1. What beautiful craftsmanship! I’m curious to know if the leashes come in different widths for the small pups out there. I’d love to showoff a red, custom-made, handcrafted leash at the park. 😉

    • Tony says:


      Yes I can make them thinner. This leash is made with 8 strands of paracord. I have made some with 4.

  2. furfilled says:

    Yes – according to Tony, he’s made thinner leashes. Instead of doubled braids, he used straight braids, so it would probably be about half the thickness.

  3. Congratulations on your first giveaway. We can’t wait until we are able to do that.

    What a great idea for the leash. I am very familiar with paracord. I love the color. Greens and Blues are my favorite. I think that one is way to big and heavy for Chester and Gretel though so we won’t be entering your contest. Good luck to whoever wins.

  4. M.C. says:

    I’ve headed here from the Nihon Ken forums. Looks like lovely work indeed! And I AM in the market for a new leash for my Shiba, since the clasp on the last store-bought one is all rusted. His collar is dark red, so I would pick something that matches — dark red and steel gray? But we could make do with shades of blue. =)

    Toki is a lovely pup, very photogenic!

    • furfilled says:

      Thank you for stopping by and Toki thanks you for the complement! Red and steel gray sound like a great color combo. I love how the paracord comes in so many shades.

  5. What a beautiful and unique-looking leash. I’m all for handcrafted products and I love the fact that you can custom-select your own colour combo. The turquoise against Toki’s white coat is stunning 😀

    P.s. Hey, no worries about the T&C for international bloggers. We’re happy to see you with your first Daily Toki Giveaway. Hope you’ll get lots of great responses throughout the week on this!

    • furfilled says:

      Thank you. I’m very excited about our first giveaway, and I’m especially excited to hear from all my readers out there! Thanks for stopping by, as always. : )

  6. jen says:

    awesome! I love the color combo shown above on Toki.

  7. Tony made a few leashes for us last year and since we received them we rarely use our other leads – even the leather ones! We are very pleased with the leads, they are my go-to leashes for long hikes as they are very easy to store in a pack. The craftsmanship and quality of his leashes is very impressive as well.

  8. Yay for a giveaway! We recently were fortunate enough to win two leashes through FIDO Friendly, so we will not be entering to make room for others to win!

    We will share your giveaway on our FB page – good luck to the entrants!

  9. Kimi says:

    Congrats on your first giveaway! Those are awesome colors, but I’m sure Toki looks great in anything 😉 I’m a sucker for anything that can come in blue and yellow! Those are the colors of the vest that my puppies wear from Canine Companions for Independence ( Does he make collars too? I’ve seen a few made, but for a hefty price.

    • furfilled says:

      Hi Kimi – Thank you for stopping by. Do you raise CCI puppies? I’d LOVE to hear more about the program, and your experiences working with assistance dogs in training! (Perhaps a Daily Toki post?) Please feel free to email me. I’ll also check with Tony about your question.

  10. Great workmanship….can a 4 strand be made that has a double loop, so that the leash can be turned around and used as a slip lead also? Dual purpose is helpful when training or running agility.

  11. Lisa Chavez says:

    I’m also here from the Nihon Ken forums. What a great leash, and what a cool and generous idea (the giveaway!). If I were to win one, I’d like purple and black, or red and black, to match my dogs various harnesses and collars.

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  13. Kas says:

    What beautiful leashes! I would love a lime green/black one to match Diesel’s harness. They look like they are really well made and easy on the hands too.

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  17. Thanh T Dinh says:

    To anyone who is contemplating about getting one of Tony’s leashes, DO IT! They are ABSOLUTELY amazing! They do get softer over time and I too use them for hiking or even just walking around the neighborhood. I have bought them as gifts and the receiver loves them as well! If you don’t like the smaller clips, you should def get the lobster clip! It’s really durable!

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