Huskies, Klee Kais, and more pups at America’s Family Pet Expo

Pet expos are a great place to visit if you’re thinking of adopting a dog of a specific breed.  We found a lot of breed-specific rescue groups with tons of information to provide prospective adopters, and plenty of contacts to help you find your special pup.

Checking out the husky’s dense double coat

One of those groups was the Husky Camp, Siberian Husky Rescue.  They’re dedicated not only to rescuing husky pups and placing them in good homes (check out their available dogs and puppies here), they’re also passionate about educating you about the husky breed!  Husky Camp holds adoption events at Petco’s throughout Southern California.

 Husky Puppy Ambassador

While I was visiting the Husky Camp booth at the expo, I caught a glimpse of what looked like a mini husky . . . !!  Back when I found out the results of Toki’s DNA test (husky-shepherd mix), I posted a picture of a similar “mini-husky” that I spotted at Intelligentsia Coffee, in Venice.  So I was very excited when I discovered a whole pet expo booth of these little guys.

It turns out, the “mini husky” is called the Alaskan Klee Klai (AKK).  They were developed as a companion-sized Alaskan Husky, and come in three sizes: toy, mini, and standard.  The Klee Klais I met were extremely affectionate, and just perfect for sitting in your lap.  In fact, I posted a picture of one of the Klee Klais in my Furry Faces post from last week.

The pet expo wasn’t all petting though.  I did manage to check out some interesting pet product ventures, like Organic Oscar shampoo, a gentle, all-natural grooming product. . .

. . . And Hungry Dawgz of Dogtown, maker and baker of organic dog treats!

Hungry Dawgz was at the Great Pyrenees Association of So. CA Rescue, Inc. booth.  In fact, their Giant Punkin Dawg Bone was being sold to benefit this rescue group in memory of the bakery owners’ own Great Pyrenees, Bear.  It turns out, Hungry Dawgz is located just around the corner from me in Venice, CA.  That’s a good thing, because I brought home a selection of some of their dog biscuits, and Toki is a huuuge fan.  Toki always loves cookies, but her reaction when she caught a whiff of these biscuits was on another level entirely.  Hungry Dawgz – we’ll be looking you up!

Friends of the Great Pyrenees Association of So. CA Rescue, Inc.

Finally, here are a few more pictures from the pet expo.

Martin Tyner and a Golden Eagle from the Southwest Wildlife Foundation,
a wildlife rehabilitation and education center.

The Norwegian Elkhound . . .

. . . mid-yawn!

An iguana friend from the reptile building.

And a “nosy” bloodhound.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from the Pet Expo!

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7 Responses to Huskies, Klee Kais, and more pups at America’s Family Pet Expo

  1. Kas says:

    Wow – what great pictures!!! I love Huskies … they are just beautiful dogs. And I love the picture of the golden eagle – they are so majestic and fierce-looking!

  2. Beautiful! The picture of the The Norwegian Elkhound mid-yawn made me laugh. I don’t think I could pass all those pups and NOT get the urge to take them all home. 😀

  3. The “mini Husky” is super cute. Thansk for sharing your pet expo adventures and photos with us.

  4. You’ve captured such amazing facial expressions. Even the iguana is smiling!

  5. Benny & Lily says:

    Hopefully we will see you there next year. It sure was fun. We loved all the attention too
    Benny & Lily

  6. Angie says:

    oooh! i love all your photos… and excited to check out the organic products. where can you buy these!?! (esp. the shampoo- i’ve heard organic is better for dogs with sensitive skin)

    • furfilled says:

      My favorite place to find all-natural, healthy pet items is at the smaller dog and pet supply shops. For me in LA, those are places like “The Healthy Spot”, “Modern Dog”, and “BamBam’s Holistic Pet”. If you’re interested in the shampoo in particular, you can check out locations for where they’re supplied at this link: Since I usually buy all-natural hair products for myself, I’m definitely a fan of all-natural and organic for Toki too!

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