Her snowshoes are built in

Last Sunday we hiked to Lake Sabrina, in the mountains north of Bishop, California.  We had to use snowshoes, but Toki’s were built in!

Wishing you a great weekend, filled with adventure.

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5 Responses to Her snowshoes are built in

  1. Jennifer says:

    You too Joshie!

  2. Chandra says:

    Toki looks like she’s having a blast!

    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago on the “Wordless Wednesday” blog hop and I’m really enjoying following your adventures!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  3. furfilled says:

    Chandra – thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, Toki was made for the snow. : )

    I found your blog through fellow blogger Lori at According to Gus. I guess it’s a small world. I look forward to keeping in touch via blogging!

    – Christine at The Daily Toki

  4. Kas says:

    Wow! Toki is a very pretty girl. I love your photography – hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade my camera soon (and hopefully my photography will improve as a result). Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  5. Toki is absolutely gorgeous!

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