Following Cali, the Mini Guide Horse

This isn’t a photo of Cali, it’s the grape-eating miniature pony that I met in Malibu, but I couldn’t resist posting it with this story.

Cali is a miniature horse, and she also happens to be a guide animal for a blind woman named Mona.  I read about them in a recent Washington Post article about new ADA laws that permit the use of miniature horses, as well as dogs, in the list of federally-approved service animals.

Cali and Mona also have a blog.  It’s a fascinating, diary-style account of Cali’s training (clicker training!) and Mona’s experiences with her new companion.  Mona talks about learning to trust her guide horse, figuring out potty breaks, and dealing with the unique challenges of having a guide pony.  One of my favorite entries talks about bringing her mini pony to class and having to get up and find her when Cali wandered to the front of the room.  Mona writes, “Not exactly inconspicuous, but how can you be with a miniature horse at your side?”

Check out Cali and Mona’s blog at!

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2 Responses to Following Cali, the Mini Guide Horse

  1. Jennifer says:

    Is it wrong that I want a miniature pony now?! So cute!

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