The therapeutic dog

A recent New York Times article highlighted a program at Yale Law School where stressed out law students can “check out” a stress therapy dog at their library’s circulation desk.

Although it’s a neat idea, as the reporter points out:

The school is not saying what sort of dog Monty is; what happens to him when school is out of session; or how Monty himself may be kept from becoming overstressed with all his play dates.

: )

I definitely think the company of a dog or cat would have soothed my frazzled nerves when I was a stressed out law student.  Luckily, a friend of mine introduced me to a program to walk foster and shelter dogs waiting for adoption.  It was an amazing program – we showed up, and had our own dog for an hour, or the whole afternoon.  If you love animals, but just can’t fit a permanent buddy into your life, consider fostering or volunteering with your local rescue group.  It’s like having your own therapy dog, plus you’ll be giving a lonely animal some much needed love.

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2 Responses to The therapeutic dog

  1. I really wanted a dog when I was in college but I knew it wasn’t the responsible thing to do. I volunteered with a local animal shelter to help them to transport dogs to adoption events and keep and eye on them when they were there. I loved it. I fell in love with one of the dogs and REALLY wanted her but knew I couldn’t. That situation was sad because the people taking care of her got tired of her and turned her over to the county animal shelter. I have to believe that someone adopted her and she is with a great family.

  2. furfilled says:

    : ( Sometimes it’s hard to help out when you can’t take home every dog! I hope she was adopted too . . .

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