The things you discover

One thing that I love about Toki, is that she shakes me out of my routine, and leads me to unexpected places — both figuratively and literally.

For instance, a few weekends ago while we were in the Sierras, near Bishop, California, I ended up hiking with Toki because I didn’t feel up to my usual climbing outing with my friends.

So Toki and I struck out and walked for several miles on the rim of a volcanic plateau.

We found some really interesting boulders (worth a return trip, with my climbing shoes!) and even some petroglyphs.

I discovered them when Toki lay down in the shade of the rock for a rest.

I never know what I’m going to find when I let Toki plan the itinerary!

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1 Response to The things you discover

  1. Thats cool you found those while out walking randomly. The picutre on the rock looks kinda like a rock climbing monkey 🙂

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