Another Cutest Puppy!

Look familiar?  This is Miss Toki at three months old!  Awww…

EO Products announced their dog model contest results.  Congratulations to the winners!

In yesterday’s post, I also forgot to tell you about yet another cutest pet contest! PetSimply, a website for daily pet deals, is holding a cutest pet contest.  From now, until April 22, you can upload a photo of your puppy or other pet onto the PetSimply Facebook page.  Winners are determined by votes.  (And you know what that means . . . you need to get cracking!)  Good luck, and feel free to post details of your pet’s entry on this blog.  I promise to go and submit a vote for your pup. : )

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1 Response to Another Cutest Puppy!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Toki gets my vote!!!!

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