Even your dog is on Facebook

Are you on Facebook?

That’s probably a question you’ve asked, or been asked, at least several times.  I admit, I joined Facebook with a sense of resignation.  I held out as long as I could, gave in grudgingly, and now am as addicted as the next person by the cornucopia of photos and status updates from people I barely speak to anymore.

The fact that I read random updates about a person (he just got food poisoning on his trip to San Fran, she just made a smoothie with her new blender . . .) gives me a sense that we’re all great friends.  Otherwise, how would I even know such seemingly irrelevant facts?

Well, if you aren’t already on Facebook, now you have another reason to jump on the bandwagon:  Not only are all of your neighbors on Facebook, your neighbor’s dogs and cats are on Facebook too.

Just this Sunday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created a Facebook for his new Pulli puppy, named “Beast”.

Beast, Facebook phenom, with some random guy (Photo via Beast.the.dog, on Facebook)

Oh and Toki?  She’s already on Facebook.  Oh yeah, she was waaay ahead of the curve.

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3 Responses to Even your dog is on Facebook

  1. Jennifer says:

    Am I the last hold out? I am not on FB and I REFUSE! (of course, I said this about texting and the iPhone too and I finally jumped on those bandwagons in 2011!) FB does fascinate me though ever since I saw The Social Network. It doesn’t surprise me that animals have FB pages too! I guess I’m just from a different generation – I didn’t grow up with laptops, cell phones, texting, internet, XBox, etc. I had to walk five miles each way to school uphill in the snow 🙂

  2. furfilled says:

    Jenny – I had you in mind when I wrote this post . . . : ) Plus I think pet blogs and pet facebook pages are an interesting phenomenon. Toki and I seem to spend an equal amount of time online!

  3. Ironic I suppose that we love the outdoors but also spend a lot of time on our computers – especially on Facebook. We have smartphones so we can even check our Facebook and email at the trailhead. Is that sick or what? ha, ha.

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