Small dogs like hiking too

I admit it, I’m as guilty as the next person in assuming that small dogs don’t hike.

But a few weekends ago, as we were heading up a mountain trail, we spotted a jaunty little tail wagging at ankle level among the brush and rocks.  The tail belonged to a tiny dog who was doing just fine on the steep, rugged terrain.

If you want proof that small dogs can enjoy the outdoors just as much as the next German Shepherd, check out the blog,, “An Adventurous Weiner Dog Blog”.  It recounts the various outdoor adventures of Chester and Gretel, two Dachsunds who regularly go on snowshoeing adventures, four (plus) mile hikes, and even engage in a little rock climbing from time to time.  I guess it makes sense that a dog originally bred to hunt and chase badger would be able to keep up with the best of us.

For most dogs, big or small, a day spent hiking is a day well-spent

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2 Responses to Small dogs like hiking too

  1. We love to advocate for hiking small dogs. People are always suprised to see our doggies with short stubby legs on the trail. Thanks for sharing our link!

  2. Scriptor Obscura says:

    I love the photo! Toki looks so happy! 🙂

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