Not just another pet photog

I was spending a little too much time on Facebook a few days ago when I stumbled upon this photo, taken by pet photographer Grace Chon of Shine Pet Photos.

Catahoula Leopard Dog – Photo by Grace Chon/Shine Pet Photos

I have a particular soft spot for Catahoula leopard dogs.  Before Toki, I had tried to adopt a Catahoula on PetFinder, but the adoption fell through.  I love the fact that Catahoulas were one of America’s first domesticated dogs.

If you have a few minutes, check out Shine Pet Photo’s blog, where Grace talks about launching her (now three year old) pet photography business.  It’s an interesting read, and inspirational for anyone thinking of striking off in a new direction.

* I especially like the part about how she talks about dabbling in many different hobbies – I know that feeling!  An excerpt from her post:

Well, i finally bought myself a digital SLR. I’ve been interested in buying one for the last year or so, but have been really hesitant because of my commitment issues. You see, I’m the gigalo of hobbies. I can’t seem to find one and stick with it. Like most love affairs, the initial interest is oh-so-hot and steamy. It’s all I think about all day long — sometimes I can’t even sleep because I’m in bed thinking about said hobby. And then another one sashays by, batting her eyelashes at me, and it’s goodbye poetry writing and hellooo knitting!


I look at my stacks of design books, piles of yarn, and a bagfulls of untouched embroidery floss, and hope this photography “thing” doesn’t end up like the rest of my discarded interests. . . .

Well, we’re lucky that she stuck with it.  Check out more of Grace’s photos in her gallery!

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3 Responses to Not just another pet photog

  1. Grace says:

    Kind of having a crap morning and this made me feel so much better. Thank you for making my day! And BTW – Toki is super adorable.

  2. furfilled says:

    Thanks! I love your photography and your writing : ) : ) Hope you have a better rest of the day!

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