The hairy aftermath

When I brush Toki, the aftermath usually looks like this . . .

A huge pile of hair and an exhausted dog.

Note the wool toy, to keep Toki entertained while I’m brushing her hair, and the “Furminator” in the background.  (Here’s the post where I extol the virtues of this wondrous invention.)

Well I found out that several vacuum companies offer products that take this one step further:  a vacuum cleaner-dog brush in one!

I have to admit, ever since I rode at a stable where the horses enjoyed regular vacuum grooming sessions, I’ve wondered whether I could do the same thing with Toki.  I’ve even been slowly getting her used to the noise of the vacuum in the hopes that one day someone would come out with a tested, safe vacuum grooming tool for dogs.

Turns out, there have already been a few on the market for a while.  One is the Dyson Groom Tool, which is suitable for medium to long-haired dogs.  The Dyson Groom Tool site shows some demonstrations and videos (including a cute one about how “Dog Hair Gets Everywhere” – not that we need reminding).  The groom tool works like a regular brush, but when it fills with hair you push a button and the hair gets sucked into the vacuum.

The second product is the Bissell ShedAway Handheld Pet Grooming Attachment.  This tool seems to provide suction during the brushing process, so it works more like the vacuum that I saw used on the horses.  From the reviews, it seemed like the dogs really enjoyed the experience.  And it’s supposed adapt to the attachments of a variety of vacuum brands.

I’m curious – have any of you seen or used these products?  After getting used to the sound, the horses really loved their vacuum sessions.  What do you think about using your vacuum on your dog?

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3 Responses to The hairy aftermath

  1. Ann says:

    Wow, where does all of that hair come from?! Can you make a sweater out of it? 😀

  2. We SO want the Dyson Groom tool! It looks fabulous!

    I was thinking the same thing about all the hair…could you at least knit it into one of those little dogs often made out of wool/hair? 😉

  3. furfilled says:

    Hmmm, I will have to do a little digging on that one. I’ll need the help of someone more crafty than me!

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