Country Cousin

I’m in Ohio this week, hanging out with Toki’s country cousin, Miss Twiggy (not to be confused with miss Piggy)!

There are always two versions of her — the winter furball, and the slim summertime pup.  She always looks twice as big with her winter coat.  (I posted an earlier picture of her slimmed down version here.)

Here’s Twiggy in her winter, Teddy-bear stage.

Her furry paws are just the cutest!

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2 Responses to Country Cousin

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow – we are on the same psychic wavelength because I was just going to text you and ask why you haven’t done a Twiggy posting on Toki’s blog! Wow! I am sure Miss Twiggy is delighted to have you home to play for a week!!!! (I am too!)

  2. Ann says:

    I ❤ Twiggy and her furry wintertime boot-paws! I will always treasure that memory of picking her up from the groomer's with Anita…hehe. Have a wonderful time in Ohio, please say hi to your mom and dad for me!

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