Those Corgi’s have all the power

Have you heard?  Sutter the Corgi is the new “First Dog” of California.

AP Photo

California Governor Brown’s wife helpfully pointed out that “he’s going to herd the budget vote.”

A Sacramento Bee editorial warns Sutter not to “become a prop” and to “be your own dog”:

No first dog wants to be kept on a leash. Undoubtedly you have an agenda of your own. So go for it. What do you want? More fire hydrants? Slower cats? Subsidized puppy day care?

This is your chance, Sutter. Corgis everywhere are depending upon you. So seize the moment, exercise your power and prove to the world you are not just another lap dog.

In recognition of Sutter and the President’s day holiday, check out this slideshow of Bo, the top dog at the White House, and an interesting account of past presidential pets, including a raccoon that was originally destined for the president’s Thanksgiving meal.  (I can’t figure out what’s more strange about the raccoon story- that President Coolidge walked around with a leashed raccoon on the White House lawn or that someone actually thought it would make a tasty Thanksgiving dish?)

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1 Response to Those Corgi’s have all the power

  1. Raccoon?! I guess Coolidge also had a pygmy hippo. He obviously enjoyed more exotic pets. 😉

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