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A friend of mine read the story in The Daily Toki of Bodhi the blue heeler and the family that adopted him.  He had recently attempted to adopt a heeler of his own, but the adoption feel through, as sometimes happens, and he and his family were heartbroken.  Thinking that I might have a heeler connection, he asked me if I might have any leads on how to find another adoptable heeler for his family.

Turns out, I do . . .

I’ve only mentioned in passing on this blog.  But in fact, it’s the website that was directly responsible for Toki coming into our lives.  It’s a fantastic site that matches adoptable dogs to the people that are looking for them.  You can search by breed, age, gender, and location.  I’ve known so many people who have found their special fur-baby through this website.  It’s like for pets and people.

One cool thing about petfinder is that there’s an iphone app for the site.  (I actually found Toki while browsing petfinder at my local coffee shop.)

Just for kicks, I thought I’d share Toki’s petfinder entry with you.



I just found Snow, a great adoptable Shepherd on the iPhone app.

I had to show you a picture and wanted you to see Snow’s adoption details at

Also, don’t forget to go get your free iPhone app today!


Oh my gosh, how could we resist?

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3 Responses to Adoptable Shepherd I found on

  1. Oliver says:

    Hey Toki and family. Oliver’s brother Winchester a 10 month old border collie is up for adoption. His original family couldn’t give him the time and love he needed. He is currently in ohio and free to a great family. I posted an ad on petfinder today, but I would work with anyone in any location that could give him the love and attention he deserves. I really appreciate any help you can give in finding a good home.

    Thank you.
    Riki and Oliver

  2. Ann says:

    Hooray for Petfinder! Dave & I are forever indebted to it 🙂 Toki looked so striking and adorable in her profile photo–I can see how she caught your eye!

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