Hey, where are the presents?

A reader brought this article to my attention: Pet owners fete dogs with lavish birthday parties.  It described one party where Lexi, the Daschund, “munched on dog-friendly cakes made of peanut butter, yogurt and carob, sipped Prosecco and nibbled on miniature cocktail hot dogs with her 15 canine guests.”  It also introduced Ernie, a Manhattan Bichon Frise who celebrated his “Bark Mitzvah” when he was three (or thirteen in dog years).

Well, at least this article makes me feel a little more normal.  I had considered throwing Toki a birthday party at the Zoom Room, complete with treats, a cake, balloons, and a mini-agility lesson for the guests, but then I thought that maybe it was a little over the top . . . .

After all, my birthday is in a few weeks, so we’ll just have a joint birthday party.

See I’m not crazy, I’m just on top of the latest trends.

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1 Response to Hey, where are the presents?

  1. Ann says:

    Please tell Toki to practice the horah…bark mitzvah for Dobby–here we come!

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