Top Ten Chewies

It’s hard to find something for Toki to chew on that’s safe, wholesome, won’t destroy the carpet, and that will keep her occupied for more than 2 minutes.  These chewies are sometimes the only difference between a contented angel and a sad, bored and potentially destructive dog when her favorite people leave her alone in the house.

Upon request for a friend of mine, here is a list of Toki’s top ten edible chewies:

10.  Bully Sticks – these are only ranked 10 on the list because I don’t like the way they smell.  But Toki LOVEs these things.  If you buy them, get the “odor-free” version, or give them to your dog outside.

9.  Lamb ears – These are great for puppies or dogs with smaller teeth.  I like the Merrick brand of lamb ear, maybe because this is the brand that my local shop, The Healthy Spot, keeps in stock.

8.  Sam’s Yams sweet potato chews – these are awesome – they last a long time, are vegetarian (so they don’t leave a meaty mess on the floor), and are healthy and easy on the stomach.  Buy the fries for the little guys.

7.  The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone and Bristle Bone, both by Premier – they combine the tastiness of rawhide treats with the durability of nylon and rubber chews.  As a puppy, Toki liked the Bouncy Bone and couldn’t handle the Bristle Bone.  Now, she’ll eat the rawhide off the Bouncy Bone in 5 minutes, but loves harder to chew Bristle Bone.  I also like food dispensing toys, like the Premier Tug a Jug, but they often need more supervision and depending on your kibble, they can leave a mess on the floor.

6.  Hollow sterilized bones stuffed with Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls or other tasties – similar to the Kong, these will keep your pup occupied for quite a while, especially if you freeze them.

5.  Good Buddy Rawhide – made from water buffalo hide, the Castor & Pollux product line undergoes strict quality testing and is carried at Whole Foods, so I feel less worried about the chemicals that can sometimes be found in other rawhide products.  These bones last the longest of all of her chewies, but her interest in chewing them can come and go.

4.  Himalayan Cheese Sticks – I did a previous post on these.  A consistent favorite.

3.  C.E.T. Dental Chews – good for her teeth, and she never gets tired of them.

2.  Deer antlers – her current second favorite occupation (see photo above).  It’s best to find the ones that are cut lengthwise, so your dog can scrape out the inside yummyness.  Even better if you live on a farm and can find them yourself!

1.  Stuffed Kongs – her Number One, especially when frozen and partially stuffed with peanut butter. (Read more in the post, How to Tucker Toki.)

Toki’s preferences change mysteriously over time as her teeth get stronger, her tastes change, or she just gets bored of too much of a good thing.  What does your dog love?  Do you have any recommendations to add to the list?

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1 Response to Top Ten Chewies

  1. steph says:

    Great suggestions!!! Thanks! (from the sister of the friend… and our three HUGE hounds…) 🙂

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