Straight “A” Student

I love how hard Toki is concentrating in this photo.  She just wants to get the darn donut off the stuffed bone.

Toki can be a great student, when you can get her to focus.

But imagine how intimidating it is to realize that one guy taught his dog over 1,000 nouns!  I liked the observation at the end of this article:

Dr. Pilley said that most border collies, with special training, “could be pretty close to where Chaser is.” When he told Chaser’s dog breeder of the experiment, “he wasn’t surprised about the dog’s ability, just that I had had the patience to teach her,” Dr. Pilley said.

Dr. Horowitz agreed: “It is not necessarily Chaser or Rico who is exceptional; it is the attention that is lavished on them,” she said.

Okay, I admit it.  I liked the quote, but it also made me feel inadequate.  I promptly went on and bought the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dog Tricks.

For another humorous take on the study, check out: Sit! Fetch! Practice!

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