Russian Subway Dogs

Another cool factoid from the National Geographic Explorer episode, How Man Tamed the Wild: there are stray dogs in Moscow that have learned how to ride the subway.  According to National Geographic, these dogs have learned to use the subway to commute into the city center, where food is plentiful during the day, and to return to the suburbs, where they can take advantage of more living space at night.  Only a fairly small subset of Moscow’s stray dogs have learned how to take advantage of public transport. But all of them have developed ingenious methods for finding food and shelter in the city. Check out this story from The Financial Times for more details.

Here’s a video of one Muscovite headed to work:

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2 Responses to Russian Subway Dogs

  1. Dogs in Moscow seem much freer to roam and interact with people. Dog are smart, I am not surprised that they have figured out how to commute on the train.

  2. ann says:

    thanks for sharing! this is fascinating…just finished reading the FT article.

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