Hiking the Bridge to Nowhere

This weekend, we brought Toki on a hike to the “Bridge to Nowhere” in the San Gabriel Mountains, near Azusa, California.  The hike follows the route of a road that was optimistically built in a very active wash of the east fork of the San Gabriel River.  In the 1930’s, the road was washed away before it was completed, but not before the construction of the art deco arch bridge that gives the trail its name.

Although this is a popular destination in the summer due to the swimming holes and multiple river crossings, I enjoyed the lack of crowds during the winter months.  Because the weather was warm, and maybe because I just got back from Antarctica, the water felt refreshing, and just right.

We ended up turning around before reaching the bridge, because Toki was starting to get tired – she’s still only 11 months old, and a bit of a hiking tenderfoot.  As our vet wisely advised us, don’t let Toki dictate her activity level.  At this age, she’d keep going until she dropped.

If you go, especially in winter or early spring, the river might be too high to ford safely with your dog.  (A few of our crossings were thrilling!)  Also, check your pup’s paws during rest stops, to make sure they’re holding up to the rocky terrain.  The complete route is long, about 10 miles, so it’s important to bring food and water for dogs and people.  For more photos and details of the hike, check out the Modern Hiker Blog.

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3 Responses to Hiking the Bridge to Nowhere

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  2. Dirk says:

    Just led 4 others on a hike to the Bridge to Nowhere on December 18, 2011. Only about 30 other hikers the whole day so was fairly quiet and definitely beautiful. It was our first time there but we never got lost. Our trek was 9.8 miles round trip. We only crossed to the left of the river twice each way. Water level was low (probably only knee level) but none of us got wet. We used already fallen logs to cross and twice we used our secret weapon to avoid getting wet. Perfect temperatures throughout. A great day. A great hike. We plan to do the Road to Nowhere in Feb or March.

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