Hey, who are you?

After her dog vacation, it’s natural that Toki noticed a few changes around the house.  She sniffed around each room, examined the box of pistachios that I received over Christmas, poked our suitcases with her nose, and generally made sure that everything was in proper order.  It was only when we came back from our walk that Toki happened to glance up at the top of the cabinet that displayed our Holiday cards.  She seemed startled, and gave a warning “ruff” and a little growl.    I followed her angry gaze and realized that she was looking at our bulldog card that we received from Toki’s friends at The Healthy Spot.

She thought the cute little bulldog was an interloper in her house!  She glared at him fiercely, until I brought the card down to her height.  Satisfied, she turned around without a backward glance, and went to patrol the rest of the living room.

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1 Response to Hey, who are you?

  1. ann says:

    heheh, so cute…”i must protect this house!” dobby always does a quick sniff n’ see of any object that comes into the house, especially ups packages.

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