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Top Ten Chewies

It’s hard to find something for Toki to chew on that’s safe, wholesome, won’t destroy the carpet, and that will keep her occupied for more than 2 minutes.  These chewies are sometimes the only difference between a contented angel and … Continue reading

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Toki / bug

We had a second, belated Christmas, due to our Antarctica travels. (Thanks Ed and Kathy!)  Toki was of course very curious when we unwrapped this guy. For your amusement: Happy Friday!

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Working Dog

Here are just a few of my photos from my most recent post on my Antarctica trip.  Before we left Tierra del Fuego, we took a ride in the forest above Ushuaia.  This sheep dog kept us company. I love … Continue reading

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DIY: Custom Cookie Jar

Double vision — Toki x 2 For Christmas, Toki received a very special gift.  Toki’s crafty aunt Jenny created a treat jar with Toki’s profile, taken from a picture of her as a puppy in Yosemite (check out the photo here). … Continue reading

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Straight “A” Student

I love how hard Toki is concentrating in this photo.  She just wants to get the darn donut off the stuffed bone. Toki can be a great student, when you can get her to focus. But imagine how intimidating it … Continue reading

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Happy Monday everyone.

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Mine, all mine!

TheDailyToki loves her treats! Thanks to a reader for sending in this article a on the trend of home made food for dogs and cats.  Organic turkey, parsley, cabbage, carrots.  Mmmm, I want some! A quote from the article: “There … Continue reading

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Penguins, just because

I was editing photos last night, and thought you might enjoy these guys: Back to the puppies tomorrow . . .  

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Russian Subway Dogs

Another cool factoid from the National Geographic Explorer episode, How Man Tamed the Wild: there are stray dogs in Moscow that have learned how to ride the subway.  According to National Geographic, these dogs have learned to use the subway … Continue reading

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Hiking the Bridge to Nowhere

This weekend, we brought Toki on a hike to the “Bridge to Nowhere” in the San Gabriel Mountains, near Azusa, California.  The hike follows the route of a road that was optimistically built in a very active wash of the … Continue reading

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