Platypus Egg Babies: Dog Toy Review

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas gift for your favorite dog, consider a Kyjen egg baby.

I love finding new puzzle toys for Toki (I reviewed another puzzle toy in a previous post about Nina Ottoson.)  At only 11 months, she’s one curious and hyper-excited pup, and puzzle toys let her blow off some of that mental steam.

Because she likes to pull the stuffing out of most of her toys, I thought this Platypus Egg Baby would be the ideal toy for her.  Instead of removing the stuffing, she gets to remove little squeaker eggs hidden inside the toy.

Initially, she thought it was just another toy…

But then I showed her how to get the eggs.

She was fascinated . . .

And enjoyed batting the eggs around.

. . . But in the end, she still ripped the stuffing out of her platypus.

Even though Toki was more interested in chewing on the platypus than finding the eggs, the egg baby turned out to be a fun, interactive toy.  Other dogs who like to “seek” will really enjoy playing with this though.  If you’re interested in other Kyjen puzzle toys, check out the Hide a Squirrel.  It features a plush hollow “tree” with little squeaker squirrels.  I also stuff bones and treats inside – it’s like kong without the peanut butter.

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4 Responses to Platypus Egg Babies: Dog Toy Review

  1. It looks like Toki has her own idea of how she wants to play with her dog toys! Betsy and Norman just love the eggs out of Egg Babies dog toys. In fact replacement eggs are one of our top selling dog toys every year.

    Great review.

  2. Ann says:

    Dobby loves his “Hide a Squirrel” toy! The little squeaky squirrels are so cute…they sometimes gang up on him and launch an ambush attack. 😉

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