Fan Mail

The cats are all over the blog this week.

TheDailyToki received some fan mail recently:

My name is Clarence (and, I came to my current posting with
the name, the fault of my previous inadequate steward). I enjoy this season,
since I have an inexplicable affinity for Christmas wrappings, as you can

I write you to express my dismay at the inordinate attention afforded this
Toki dog. I don’t care much for dogs, frankly. Furthermore, I kill sage
voles in bitterbrush at moderate elevation on the east flank of the Carson
Range, which, I should think, ought to afford at least as many kudos as that
white dog with no discernable talents.

Thank you for considering the inequity.

Clarence does have a good point – he could probably teach Miss Toki a thing or two.  Maybe Clarence wants to become a regular contributor to TheDailyToki?


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3 Responses to Fan Mail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty funny CK

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