We Should all be Cat Ladies

My friend, Patricia, jokes that she’s on her way to becoming a “cat lady”. She has three cats and counting, including her newest addition, Dax (for you Star Trek fans, you’ll know that Dax refers to a fictional symbiotic life form that requires a host organism…). Dax was found in the bushes near the offices of a local farming company.

But really, Patricia is one of the kindest-hearted animal lovers I know.  She even keeps a bag of emergency dog food in her car in the event that she encounters a stray dog.  And she’s rescued several.  Thanks for watching out for the little guys Patricia.  : )

One of Patricia’s favorite rescue organizations is Marley’s Mutts, located in Tehachapi.  If you live in the area, check out their cool website, which features a ton of amazing dogs for adoption!

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