Doggles Debate

The first time I ever saw dog goggles, or “doggles“, I was in the fashionable shopping district of SoHo, in Manhattan.  An attractive couple pulled up on a mint green vespa.  Perched in front of them was a windblown toy poodle, looking ridiculously at home on the bike and wearing a pair of black protective driving goggles.  The three, well-dressed riders hopped off their scooter and sauntered into an unmarked, avant garde clothing store.  Only in Manhattan…

But now, doggles have hit the mainstream.  Are they cute, or ridiculous?  Dogs have functioned perfectly well for thousands of years without sunglasses.  But then again, so have we.  And I’m definitely grateful for sun protection when I visit places like Joshua Tree and or the snow-covered Sierras.

So what do you think?  Are doggles justified in the right circumstances, or are they just another example of overzealous dog parents dressing their pups in uncomfortable, silly accessories?

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